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The Revolutionary Communist Tour aims to build a communist movement among the people locked on the bottom of society in the current era of Bushite Christian-fascism. Contact us at, or P.O. Box 941 Knickerbocker Station New York, New York 10002-0900 866-841-9139 x2670

Sunday, June 11, 2006

As a matter of record...

Akil Bomani was, for a certain period time, part of the Revolutionary Commust Tour as a member of the Chicago Revolutionary Writer's and Artists Collective. However, after a certain point it became clear that Akil Bomani actually has very significant disagreements with the viewpoint and aims of the Tour and of the RCP, and since early October 2005, he has no longer been a part of the Tour and has had no political association with the Tour or with the RCP or Revolution newspaper, nor does the Tour or the RCP have anything to do with any artistic or other endeavors Akil Bomani may have undertaken.


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