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Monday, February 20, 2006

Carl Dix Speaks on February 4th: Bush Step Down!

Editor's Note: The following is the speech by Carl Dix, national spokesperson of the Revolutionary Communist Party, and one of the RC Tour speakers at the February 4th "Bush Step Down and Take Your Program With You!" Rally, Washington, D.C. Go to for reports on WCW actions on January 31st and February 4th.

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First off, I want to give big props to everybody who's thrown themselves heart and soul into this effort to forge this movement. A movement that aims at nothing less than Driving the Bush regime out of power. What we are doing is historic. We're aiming at nothing less than forging a movement that can drive a sitting president out of power.

We are locked in a political battle for the future. We face a tough fight, but what we're doing is right. We are speaking for and acting for millions out here today. There's nothing too horrible for them to inflict on the people. As the World Can't Wait call states, "the Bush regime is setting out to radically remake society very quickly, in a fascist way, and for generations to come." In the wake of the wiretapping revelations and the Alito appointment, can anyone doubt it?

If you want further proof, look at Bush's state of the union speech. He began it by going on the offensive and justifying the war and his wiretapping. Then he declared that the only people he would listen to are those who are trying to help accomplish the goals he has set out. And as he neared his conclusion, he vowed to deal with the AIDS epidemic by channeling $$ for treatment thru faith based organizations. Based on the dictates of the Bush regime, this approach has been implemented in places like Uganda, and it has led directly to the deaths of 1000's of people.

Yet with all this being shoved down our throats, most of the top democrats support the war and the Patriot Act. Even on things they differ with Bush on, they almost never put up a real fight. And even then the fight they put out was pitiful.

We have to rely on the only thing that has ever changed this world: the people, struggling for their real interests against their real enemy. If we are to really drive out this regime brothers and sisters we must reach out to those millions; and we must mobilize thousands upon thousands of them to join in this movement. And together with them we have to take up the kind of actions that can tap into the dreams of those millions to change the direction of society and can inspire them to join in the resistance.

Think for a minute what it would mean to force Bush to step down, just in relation to the abuses spoken to in the World Can't Wait call: the unjust and vicious wars, the Residentially approved torture and detentions, the drive to outlaw abortion, and the whole dark ages mentality and "culture of greed, bigotry, intolerance and ignorance." At minimum, their whole thing would take an enormous political blow, and a truly progressive dynamic would gain strength and momentum. There would still be a battle - a huge one, for the direction of society - but it would become two-sided for the first time in many years.

Part of that dynamic should include debating what kind of society people need. Our Party stands for a revolution consciously made by millions, which would put the interests of the vast majority of people - and not those of a handful of imperialists - at the foundation of everything it stands for and everything it does. We have the understanding and strategy to do that. And we have the leadership of our Chairman, Bob Avakian, who's gone deeply into the experience of previous revolutionary and socialist societies, drawing from the achievements and analyzing the shortcomings, and who's developed an inspiring vision of a whole new society and how to get there. We invite everyone here to engage that.

But right now the common objective of all of us is to politically force Bush to step down and take his program with him. We are determined to do that and to fight relentlessly until it's done. We can do this--every day new outrages get dragged into the light of day. Every day more and more people feel driven to join the fight to oust Bush.

Finally, actions like ours here today do make a difference. I know this from my own experience. In the 60's I was drafted into the army and given orders to go to Vietnam. I refused to go, and they put me in jail. This was the right thing to do, and I know what gave me the understanding and courage to do it. It was the millions of people out there protesting the war in Vietnam. Their marches and rallies helped create a political atmosphere where people like me were inspired and challenged to join the resistance. Our actions today can do the same.

That's why it's so important that we're out here today. And that we carry thru and build off of what we do today to continue to mobilize people to drive the Bush regime from power. Our unity in this fight and our determination to carry it thru till Bush & co are gone must challenge and inspire many, many others to join in.



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