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Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Response to the Challenges from South Central, Los Angeles

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

There is nothing I love more than to read, to hear, and to dialogue with Sisters and Brothers who recognize what is really happening to the proletariat and are willing to take an active and participating role in doing something about it. The RC4 is doing it, you are doing it, and I am convinced that others will soon follow suit.

My story is very different, but like the four of you, I know that there is no other alternative than for us to take our freedom. I grew up in Compton in a family that prayed daily, worked hard for what we had, and saw formal education as the only way out of poverty. I recently read Akil's "Losing My Religion" and was immediately reminded of my own upbringing. Like Akil, I too grew up under the influence of a deeply religious, pentecostal mother who made sure that I attended church every Sunday. It was second nature to see members of my congregation "get happy," have "demons" cast out of them, and exhaust precious energy on praying to their peculiarly unresponsive god for life's bare necessities.

My mother spent anywhere between 300 and 400 dollars a month for 14 years to send me to private christian schools. I am sure she saw this as fool-proof method of insuring that I "served the lord" in my adult years, but the fact that I am not religious and have not been since the age of twelve or thirteen lets me know that she, in a way, paid for my ability to discern fact from fiction (although she may not see it that way). It was at the age of twelve or thirteen that I began to notice that religion, with all its dogmatic guidelines and ritualistic customs, was merely a social construct designed to train folks to remain oppressed in this capitalistic system.

The problem is this: WE ARE NOT THINKING! We are not thinking about the prevalent issues that should concern us like why everyone isn't provided food, shelter, and clothing; and why, in this rich economy, there is such a disparity between those who have and those who don't. These social issues are often poorly rationalized under the cloak of religion. They tell us that anything that happens to our physical bodies is unimportant. We are told not to worry about the present, that what will come in heaven will be worth the struggle. We are told that if we receive what they consider to be formal education, then we will reach their pinnacle of "success." But we are failing to realize that those people who are instilling in us a fear of a god in the sky are the same ones instilling in us a respect for their educational system, and we're falling for it.

There is no better time than now for the RC4 to speak on these and other prevalent issues concerning the proletariat. It seemed that during the time of clinton, many people paid less attention to the atrocities committed by those in power; people even claimed clinton was a president "for the people." The wool was pulled over many of our eyes. But because bush and his regime are so openly grotesque in their tactics, the disparities between their words and their actions cannot be ignored.

We hear the bush religious right claiming that the path to god is the only answer, and that if we don't believe in god and adhere to the bible's teachings, we'll all be damned forever in hell. Well, if the god bush talks about is the same one that is referred to in the bible, then bush and all his people are creating one fucked up track record for their god's consistency. They say thou shall not kill, but they are murdering thousands of innocent men, women, and children everyday all over the world. Where is their hellfire? I say we bring it to them!

I cannot pretend that I am not critical of aspects about the RCP. There are several issues that I still struggle with, and have not come to definite conclusions about. But I do understand that to agree with something completely without having had any real criticism or without questioning important issues is just as detrimental and toxic as surrendering to an invisible god. This is why I am so much in support of the RC4 tour. They are not only addressing the issues concerning Black people, but they are providing an open forum for people to talk about these issues; and it is only through the dialectical process that truth and answers can be found.

I am pledging one day's wages towards the RC4 tour. I am looking forward to seeing these four Brothers speak on these and more issues during the tour; but more importantly, I am looking forward to those Brothers and Sisters becoming more interested in the information that will ultimately set us free, and the effect that this tour will have on communities around the country.


A Sister from Compton


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