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The Revolutionary Communist Tour aims to build a communist movement among the people locked on the bottom of society in the current era of Bushite Christian-fascism. Contact us at, or P.O. Box 941 Knickerbocker Station New York, New York 10002-0900 866-841-9139 x2670

Thursday, July 07, 2005

From Immigrant Proletarians in LA: "We pledge to raise $1000 too!"

We read the letter from the communist comrades from South Central with great happiness and interest. It is very motivational to read and hear from others who are also in the battle to change this fucking dirty society (in Spanish society is close to the word for dirty - sociedad - suciedad) that we live in. We understand that it is the strength of our communist ideology that is motivating us to keep on fighting for the better world that we all dream about. We feel this strength deep down in our bones, our blood and our heart. This strength didn't accidentally enter our bodies, it came to us by dedicating ourselves to struggle with the masses everyday. The truth woke us up from the deep bad dream we were living in before. To understand the enemy (the Capitalist, Imperialist, Fascist Genocidal System) makes us feel many things: anger, resentment but it also makes us strong and useful to serve the people.

We are fed up with this fucking system that is suffocating us and oppresses us more every day, we have to stop it with this fury and strength that conscious men have.

The national tour of the 4 revolutionary communists will bring about a huge leap in the revolutionary interest of the masses. We communists have to work very hard in our neighborhoods and outside of them too. We have to bring hundreds or even thousands of proletarians to the tour - why not? The conditions are demanding it, with all the garbage that the fucking asshole cowboy and his gang are doing.

We are 6 revolutionary communists who came from different parts of the planet and we are working in South Central, Pico Union, East LA and Orange County. To collect money for this tour we gave a days wages. We also have a number of ideas, like selling tamales, having a raffle and we are going to have a get-together on July 3 with immigrant proletarians from Mexico and Central America whom we have been struggling with for awhile. We pledge to raise $1000 like you have for these comrades' national tour.

We were really glad to read your letters and learn from your ideas that you are contributing to revolution. We hope to have more contact with you by letter or by other means of communication. Until next time.




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