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The Revolutionary Communist Tour aims to build a communist movement among the people locked on the bottom of society in the current era of Bushite Christian-fascism. Contact us at, or P.O. Box 941 Knickerbocker Station New York, New York 10002-0900 866-841-9139 x2670

Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Challenge from South Central, Los Angeles: Raise Money for the RC4 Speaking Tour!

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

The RC4 is coming! These four brothers have a message that people need to hear. They will let people know that there's somebody out here who can break down how to make revolution against this capitalist system and make a future that is way different and better than anything America could ever, ever be. That somebody is Bob Avakian, and that future world is a communist world. People like us need to know this and the RC4 is going to kick off a big conversation on this.

Let's don't bullshit ourselves. To Bush and the capitalists, millions of people, black people and others, living in these ghettoes and housing projects are a liability. They got nothing for us - no jobs - no decent education - no nothing except maybe the military and killing people like us in Iraq or someplace else. We don't fit into their economy. We don't fit into their way of life. We don't fit into the future they are trying to make. If Bush and these people in power get as far as they want to get, or even close to it, it's going to mean lock up and lock down like never before - and maybe straight up genocidal stuff. And all in the name of God. These people are moving against the world fast and our side of the fight has to get out there quick.

The RC4 is going to let people, black people especially, know that Bob Avakian has a vision of the future that is totally opposite of George Bush's.

He says that these youth hanging on the block can be the makers of history. He says we don't have to settle for these scraps and live with a big empty spot in our lives. He envisions a communist world where people will one day look back on this one in disbelief.

The "bling-blingism" -- the "gangsterism" -- the "going to go to heaven when I die -- waiting around -- the "me and mine - black people first - or men first" way of looking at things gets in the way. That stuff is stopping these black youth and others from being emancipators of humanity and taking this planet and the future away from Bush and the class of people he represents. The RC4 are going to speak on this and tell us what we need to hear. We got to turn that into a communist movement among black people that can be a part of making everybody stronger in the
fight against this system and for a world we want to live in.

We believe without a doubt we can do this! We are counting on you to stand with us!

Who We Are
We are black proletarians who grew up in the housing projects and neighborhoods of South Central, Los Angeles. We have been listening to Chairman Avakian's talks on DVD and CDs, and reading Revolution newspaper (formerly known as the Revolutionary Worker). We have come to realize how much people have been cheated - black people down in these neighborhoods have been told for years to vote and they'd have some say so. But they never have had say so about anything and never will under this system. We have been cheated on the truth about capitalism and communism. We have been cheated on history, but we have learned more from Chairman Avakian than in all the history we ever had in school. And religion? That has been one of the biggest rip-offs of all.

We Pledge
We pledge to make sure that the RC4 tour reaches millions. We pledge to raise $1,000 in South Central to support the tour. We are starting with each one of us who works donating a day's wages and the ones who don't work giving a day's worth of whatever money they live on. We are proud to do this. We challenge you to get organized now and support this tour too. Organize a crew to spread the word and bring lots of people to the big events. Raise money! If we raise $1,000, how much will your crew raise?

There are lots of good people in society who have way more money than we do and they will do their part if we fight for them to see what this is all about. These are the people who are going to help us change the world.

Talk to us. We will keep you up on how we are doing.

Down- in South Central


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