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Monday, December 04, 2006

Killing to Enforce Capitalism and White Supremacy

By Carl Dix

I?m thinking about the killing of Sean Bell and how it brings to mind the police murders of Amadou Diallo, Anthony Bryant, Mingo Mason, Nicholas Heyward Jr, Anthony Rosario and many more victims of the NYPD than I can list here. And of how the cops who killed them got off scot-free.

This shit isn?t unique to NY. It happens in cities all across the country. Look at Atlanta, where cops recently broke into the home of Kathryn Johnston, a 92-year-old grandmother, on a ?no-knock? drug raid and killed her. At first the cops claimed an undercover cop had purchased drugs at her house. Then they changed to saying a confidential informant had told them he had bought drugs at her house. Now the no longer confidential informant has come forward to say the cops are lying and he had never been to the woman?s house.

Why is it that cops brutalize and even kill unarmed people again and again, year in year out?

The answer to this comes down to what the police are actually out there to do in this society. It isn?t protecting and serving the civilian population. Nor is it making sure that justice is served. It means maintaining and even enforcing the dominant economic and social relations that exist in society, including the severe inequality that these relations concentrate. It means enforcing American capitalism and its all-too-legitimate child, white supremacy.

Before the Civil War, enslaving Black people was legal and much of the country?s economy was based on slavery. In fact, the great wealth of this country that they brag about so much today couldn?t have developed the way it did without slavery. It?s clearly unjust to treat human beings as property to be worked and abused as the owners of this ?property? want. But the law protected and maintained this, including mandating that if any of this human ?property? escaped, law enforcement had a duty to return it to its owner. And anyone who helped slaves escape risked imprisonment, torture and execution. In states where slavery was in effect, it was enforced by both the official police forces and by unofficial forces like the patrollers or ?paddy rollers? who tried to keep slaves from running away. In other words, the police and other armed forces were organized to protect the open slavery of that time.

Today in this imperialist system, people all around the world, including millions in this country, work collectively to produce tremendous wealth. Yet this wealth is taken?expropriated?by a small handful of capitalists. The political and legal institutions in this society?the state?exist to maintain this situation and these relations, and the police are a part of that state structure.

Look today at New Orleans. The government failed to evacuate people before Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast region of the U.S. And after Katrina hit, the government failed to provide either rescue or emergency supplies for people whose lives were at risk. Yet when people took the food and water they needed to survive?that is, when they violated the ?laws of capitalist private property??they were condemned as looters and thugs by the same government officials who had left them there to die.

Police in New Orleans killed people for ?looting? on the direct orders of the governor. How many people did the New Orleans cops kill? We don?t know because no one bothered to count them. What has happened to those servants of this system responsible for the deaths and dislocation in New Orleans? Nothing. They were ?just doing their job ? under this capitalist system.

It?s a fact that police murder and brutality falls most heavily on Black and other oppressed nationality communities. From slavery to Katrina, white supremacy has been woven deep into the economic and social fabric of this society, and it?s a crucial part of what the police are out there to maintain.

Decades ago the resistance of Black people to the oppression they faced rocked this country and electrified the whole world. People won some concessions, but things didn?t go all the way to the revolution that a lot of people hoped and fought for, and which was and is needed. Since then some of the forms of the oppression of Black people have changed. A section of Black people have gotten ahead in this society?but even these folks face racist discrimination and police brutality and even, at times, murder. And for most Black people there is either a life of low wage labor, crime, prison, or all three. The way police patrol oppressed communities, like U.S. Marines swaggering through occupied Iraq, is aimed at keeping this shit in effect and at breaking people?s spirits and keeping their heads down.

OK, so how do we stop all this? To really get rid of this kind of injustice once and for all, we need a communist revolution, one that could sweep away everything reactionary and build a completely new and different society and world in its place.

A world where a handful of capitalists no longer expropriate the wealth produced by the millions who labor around the world, where people aren?t forced to endure oppressive and degrading social relations based on their race or gender and where a handful of imperialist countries don?t enslave and run the whole damned world and wage wars to fortify that enslavement.

A world where the needs of the masses of people, not the profit motive of a handful of super rich capitalists, are what dictates what gets done.

A world where those entrusted with enforcing the laws of society would sooner risk their own lives than take the life of an innocent person.

A world where the old order is shattered and state power is on the side of the masses and used to not only suppress the former rulers and exploiters, but to transform society in the interests of the people; where more and more of the masses are increasingly involved in the actual running of every sphere of the society; and where society is vibrant and full of wrangling and debate, where people who are not yet won to the goals of the revolution can raise their questions and even express their opposition, with all this aimed at getting to the truth of things as part of moving forward to a society without classes and states.

This kind of revolution is what the world is crying out for today. It?s the only way to break the stranglehold that capitalism has on humanity and to unleash the productive capacity that can meet the needs of people all over the world. The only way to cure, prevent or treat the many diseases that needlessly kill and disable so many people around the world. The only way to put an end to the domination of and discrimination against whole nations and peoples. And the only way to stop the police murder and everyday abuse that put Sean Bell, Kathryn Johnston, and too many others in their graves week in and week out. Nothing short of revolution can accomplish this.

Communist revolution can only be the conscious act of the masses of people, organized and led to carry out increasingly conscious struggle to abolish and take humanity beyond capitalism and all systems of exploitation and oppression. In a country like this one, revolution can only be made when there?s a major change in the situation, one where the whole society is engulfed in crisis. Today the U.S. rulers face a difficult situation. They invaded Iraq as part of making their global position so strong no one could even think about challenging it. Yet it has brought them even more opposition. In the U.S., they?re moving to remake society in a fascist direction which is driving broad sections of the people to think very deeply about what?s going on and what needs to be done about them.

All this is creating openings to bring into being another crucial ingredient for making revolution in a country like this?the emergence of millions and millions of people who are conscious of the need for revolutionary change and determined to fight for it. It is urgent that those who are outraged by this police murder and the many other foul things the system brings down develop their understanding of why revolution is needed to end this shit once and for all and how revolution could be carried out when the time is ripe. That they spread this understanding to others. And that they join wherever people are fighting back to hasten forward the day when such a thing is possible. Right now, that means joining in with, supporting and helping to build the struggle for justice for Sean Bell and for all the other victims of police murder.

There is leadership for doing all this. Bob Avakian, the leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party, has developed a vision of the kind of world we can bring into being through making this kind of revolution and how this vision could be realized. People who are concerned about the state of the country and the world need to dig into the writings and speeches of this revolutionary leader and need to get with Bob Avakian and the party he leads.

Go to the web site to check out Avakian?s work. And to check out Revolution newspaper, the newspaper of the Revolutionary Communist Party that Avakian leads.

At the same time, we must be building massive political resistance to the ways the system is coming down on the people today. Look at the impact this police murder has had on people. Leading them to question why such foul things happen again and again, and what needs to be done to end them. And look at the way so many people have risen above the muck and mire of day to day life the system keeps us enmeshed in to raise their heads and join in the struggle for justice. This is righteous and must be built on.

Already hundreds of people have taken to the streets in outrage around Sean?s murder in the few days since his death. Calls to remain calm or to wait till all the facts come out must be rejected. Enough facts have already come out. A young man leaving his bachelor party and a few hours away from his wedding is dead. Two of his friends are recovering from gunshot wounds. All were unarmed when the cops fired 50 shots at them. And the police are now carrying out raids in Sean?s neighborhood, arresting family members and friends of the people they shot. That?s enough to conclude that a terrible crime against the people has been committed.

Mass political action that targets the killer cops and the officials who unleash these brutal, murdering cops and cover up and justify their crimes must continue.

Without this kind of resistance, the authorities will feel like they can do any damned thing to us, and we?ll suffer it in silence. We have to make clear we will fight to beat back this kind of injustice. And as we do this, we have to be wrangling with and spreading revolutionary ideas and building a movement that?s winning over millions to see that the system is worthless and revolution is what?s needed.

Carl Dix is the National Spokesperson for the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA and can be contacted at P.O. Box 941 Knickerbocker Station, New York NY 10002-0900, (866)841-9139 x2670, e-mail:

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Building For October 5th in the Projects and Engaging with the New Talks by Bob Avakian

Building For October 5th in the Projects and Engaging with the New Talks by Bob Avakian
by Joe Veale, spokesperson, RCP Los Angeles Branch

Inspired by the article in Revolution #60??Building For October 5th in the Projects??I want to share a little of the flavor and feel from some of our experience.

We have been taking out the Chairman?s New Presentations, as well as the Call for mass resistance on October 5th from the World Can?t Wait?Drive Out The Bush Regime! in Watts, Los Angeles. We?ve been taking out both these things to the proletarian masses and small shop owners there. A number of these stores carry Revolution, Oct 5th flyers, postcards on new Presentation, and black armbands.

It?s been a trip. A good trip. Of course the road needs to be broadened quickly so that others can begin to take this trip. Here are a few examples.

Dewayne is a proletarian in South Central L.A. He thinks a lot about world affairs, history and likes dealing with general principles and conceptualization. We?ve had ongoing discussions on the New Presentations and he was the first person in this area to buy Ardea Skybreak?s new book, The Science of Evolution and the Myth of Creationism.

After listening to the track on ?Communism and Jeffersonian Democracy,? Dewayne exclaimed: ?Why have I not ever heard this before! They don?t teach you this in school. Jefferson was atrocious. They are all hypocrites with a double standard.?

Dewayne tended to see it as the intentions of the rulers to trick people, and missed how their words and actions come out of the production (economic) relations that they represent. We struggled over this and bourgeois democracy in general, and over urgent questions like how to drive out the Bush Regime and why we cannot rely on the Democrats.

We also struggled over the Chairman. Dewayne said he?s ?very radical for a white man.? I told him, ?The radicalism that you like is because he is a communist leader.? I made comparison to Mao, Lenin and how Avakian is standing on their shoulders and going beyond what they were able to understand and see. Someone like this is rare, unique, and special.

Dewayne thought about this: ?You know I?m very intrigued about the things he is saying. He is very visionary. I want to study more. I?m not ready just yet. But we should continue these discussions so I can learn more.? He wanted to know what would be different if he joined the party. We ended up talking about the life of comrade Mobile?what his life inside the party and out amongst the masses was about. He said he had to learn more before doing that.

Rob is someone else I listen to the New Presentations with. We listen to ?Conservatism, Christian Fundamentalism, Liberalism, and Paternalism: Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton?Not All ?Right? But All Wrong! ?

Rob laughed and voiced agreement at different parts on ??the youth with pants sagging did not fire themselves?,? agreeing and adding that Muhammad Ali?s former name came from a slave master.

He thought there is much truth in what Avakian was saying. He started talking about how he had worked in a chemical plant in the area and now it had closed down and moved out of the country, relating it to the point that he did not fire himself. He now survives by fixing up old cars in front of his house.

He spoke bitterly about how those in power don?t care about what happens to people like him, and is angry over being trapped in his jobless situation. We struggled over his anger being misdirected towards immigrants, blaming them for doing work at wages that he finds degrading and impossible to live on. We also struggled over him saying that people make ?bad choices? as he disagreed some with what was said about this in the New Presentation.

We got more into why some people attend $10K a plate dinners and make decisions about what country to make war against, or how many billions of dollars of investment to take out of some place like Mexico and invest it in Thailand to pay people even cheaper. I told him about a PBS show I saw where people in the Congo (I think) work for less than 2 dollars a day digging out minerals that people in imperialist countries like U.S., Europe, Japan and other countries used for their cell phones.

I asked him why is it that these people are making these kinds of choices of working like this or starving or stealing something to survive?why those on top are making these other choices? We went back and forth on this. What does that have to do with how human society is organized? With him having to choose between fixing up old cars or going hungry?

He admitted he was wrong about immigrants and they?re not to blame for his situation, but he didn?t budge on the question of ?choices.? He ended up saying it was both things. It?s the system and the choices people make.

Some other young proletarians, Steve and Rahsad, listened to the same Presentation and were very excited. They thought it all was true. They?re from the generation that seems to infuriate Bill Cosby and Clinton.

Yet they tended to see Cosby as someone who?s ?made it? and is now looking down on those who are being eaten up by this meat grinder system. They had a tougher time grasping how what the 2 Bills are doing is an ideological assault on the people. Seeking to rob them of the truthfulness that masses have about their condition. They did not create it, something and somebody else did. This assault is designed to take people?s eyesight from them so that they cannot see clearly what the problem and solution is?and act to change those circumstances and themselves in the process.

It took a little struggle and further discussion to get them to key in on this. But once they did they also asked for literature on immigrants. According to Rashad, 9 out 10 Blacks he talks to take the wrong side on this.

While getting down with people in this way, we?ve also been getting down with them about Oct 5th. A group of us got together and watched the Spike Lee movie When the Levees Broke. Black armbands that say ?Katrina: Never Forgive! Never Forget! Drive Out The Bush Regime! Oct 5th??have been circulating.

People have said things like: ?This is a crime. Something should be done about it. This is how the ?white man,? and sometimes it is said Bush, has always treated Black people?I?m upset about it?people are still suffering?but I?m not shocked.? Then we would get into that people should be shocked because this represents a new twist to the oppression of Black people, especially the poor and those considered ?disposable? people, like gays and the disabled. This is all part of a plan to cleanse society of those who?ve brought a ?stain? on society, in the view of the Christian fascists grouped around Bush.

At other times we would break down how they are waging war for empire, and sometimes people would come back with: the war is because Bush is against all ?third world? people. People then link Katrina up with the Bush Regime being against all ?third world? people. So we would struggle and debate over these points as we would make plans to do something on the anniversary of Katrina, get out the armbands, pass out flyers, and listen to more of the New Presentation by Avakian.

One immigrant proletarian was very excited about doing something on the anniversary of Katrina. He was very upset about how they left people to die. It was his hope that this would encourage Black people to rise up and struggle because he saw Katrina shows how this system has always treated Black people?they lie and try to turn Blacks against immigrants. He saw it as an opportunity to bring out the commonality of the struggle.

So on the 3rd of September a little more than a dozen of us got together in a local park and had a picnic under the theme: Katrina: Never Forgive! Never Forget! Drive out the Bush Regime! Oct 5th, with giant ?Wanted? posters of Bush Regime and pictures from Katrina. Flyers for the 5th and armbands went out to those passing through the park, and also the ?Wanted? t-shirts, Revolution newspapers, and the New Presentations CDs.

I gave a talk on Katrina, Oct 5th and the relation of all this to making revolution. We listened to music, ate, and informally talked about there being a way and day to build a movement to drive out this regime. People had questions about could we get and keep enough people in the streets to do this. Could the required upheaval in society sustain itself and be broad enough to do this? Is there something to learn in this connection from the recent upsurge of immigrants? Bush has a lot of people who support him?what are we going to do about that? Don?t we need someone from the ?inside? to help us?

We discussed and debated these and other questions--with some feeling very inspired, encouraged, and uplifted off of this to reach out to others, taking flyers and making plans to build for October 5th.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Nothing Short of Revolution Can Deal With the Problems this System Forces Black People to Endure!


by Carl Dix, Revolutionary Communist Tour

Not only does Bush hate Black people -- he and the Christian Fascists grouped around him have a program that has murderous implications for Black people! Look at it: Jobs have been sucked out of the Black community and at the same time more Black people than ever are being locked down in jail! Hospitals are being shut down in the inner cities as health and welfare benefits are being cut to the bone and more and more people, especially more Black and Latino people, are dealing with diseases like diabetes and AIDS. As the economy shifts to being more hightech-based, public education is being degraded, resulting in millions of Black youth being tossed on the scrap heap.

To get a clear sense of what this system has in store for Black people, look at the government response to Hurricane Katrina. Tens of thousands of people, most of them Black and almost all of them poor, were left to die in the wake of Katrina. When people did what was needed to save their own and others' lives, Bush led the charge, calling them "looters and criminals." One of Bush's Louisiana Republican allies said: "We've been trying to clean up public housing for years. Now God has done it for us with this hurricane!"

If these were the only foul things this system was responsible for, it would be reason enough to want to get rid of it once and for all through revolution. But there's much, much more. War and occupation in Iraq. Backing Israel to the max as it kills and maims people in Lebanon and Palestine. Undermining and even taking away rights that people thought they had won decades ago. Enforcing a repressive agenda that has many people smelling the odor of a police state. The Bush crew has their sites set on nothing less than enforcing a fascist theocracy, a government where the Bible as interpreted by suckers like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson is the law of the land, a set-up where abortion is outlawed and gay people are in camps or worse.

Nothing short of revolution can deal with all this once and for all. Revolution -- meaning millions of people rising up and taking away from these capitalist rulers the power to inflict brutality and misery on countless millions here and worldwide, and going on to build a whole new world on the ashes of this messed up one. The Democrats can't be relied on to mount any serious or effective resistance to all this. The best you can expect from them are half-hearted objections and minor amendments.

This is the starting point of the message being delivered by a project called the Revolutionary Communist Tour. Carl Dix, Joe Veale and Clyde Young are on this tour. They are three veteran revolutionary communist leaders who have lived through the hell this system forces Black people to endure and have come out of it leading the fight to get rid of this system. In addition to indicting this system for the crimes it commits against Black people, and everything else foul it does, they argue that proletarian revolution and communism can deal with the problems imperialism has caused for so many worldwide. see note below They expose how the rulers of this country have lied to people about what communism is and what it has accomplished when working people held power in the Soviet Union and China, before both those countries were taken back down the capitalist path. This Tour also introduces people to Bob Avakian, the leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party, a leader who has re-envisioned the communist future and the way to realize it.

The Tour challenges Black people and others to break with all the things that hold people back from taking responsibility to bring a different future into being. It challenges men to stop dogging and degrading women. It calls on the youth to break out of the gangster, bling-bling "look out for #1" mentality. It says people got to stop looking for some "god" to take care of our problems, or saying that "whatever happens is his will" and there's nothing we can do about it. It calls out the Black preachers who are skinning and grinning with Bush's Christian Fascist crew, selling out Black people to the Bush regime's murderous agenda in exchange for a spot at the "faith-based" funding trough. People who are tired of the hell this system forces millions to endure have to break with all this crap and join the emancipators of humanity.

This tour has already hit LA, Chicago, Houston and Washington, DC, and it's coming to New York. To set up interviews with the speakers or for more information call: (866)841-9139 x2670. Or e mail the Revolutionary Communist tour at:

Monday, June 12, 2006

Biblical Morality, Slavery and Other Horrors

On Bush's Constitutional Amendment to Ban Gay Marriage

By Clyde Young, Revolutionary Communist Tour

Some say that Bush's attack on gay marriage is an attempt to rally his base for the mid-term elections. But Bush's call for a constitutional amendment has a far more sinister and dark purpose: to push forward a plan to remake the country on a fascist basis for decades to come. This plan pivots on imposing a government based on a literalist interpretation of the Bible with "traditional values" and "traditional morality" in full effect. These "values" and "morality" are fundamentally rooted in slavery and the patriarchal domination of women -- to say nothing of the near genocide against native peoples in the Americas and rivalry with and domination of other nations. All of this has been reinforced by a superstructure of white supremacy and male supremacy.

The proposed constitutional amendment which the Senate voted on this week reads: "Marriage in the United States shall consist solely of the union of a man and woman. Neither the Constitution, nor the constitution of any state shall be construed to require that marriage or the legal incidents thereof be conferred upon any union other than the union of a man and a woman."

The claim that marriage is between a man and a woman, as President Bush has proclaimed in a previous public statement, is not supported by the bible, as anyone who has actually read the bible should know. In Genesis chapters 29 and 30 we learn that Jacob was married to both Rachael and Leah. Deuteronomy 21:10-17 also provides for a "man having more than one wife," especially in the case of a "beautiful" captive woman whom a "man desires and wants to marry." Also, in I and II Chronicles there is the story of David, the greatest king of all, who had hundreds of wives and concubines. So, we see, based on what is discussed here, the biblical justification for marriage as being only between a man and a woman is not supported by the Christian Bible. Furthermore, the Bible interpreted literally is a horror. This is ancient superstition which is being used in the service of a dangerous Christian fascist program.

The Bible upholds slavery, patriarchal oppression of women, the brutal conquest of one's enemies and many, many more horrors. This is no surprise because the Bible itself was written in societies which existed some two to four thousand years ago in which there existed not only slavery and private property but also patriarchal family relations. The Bible itself was used to justify slavery and the brutal oppression of Black people in the U.S. under a system where human beings were literally "owned" and "bought and sold." Under slavery, Black families were torn apart with family members being sold to different "owners." Now there is a section of the ruling class -- joined by Black ministers who have found common cause with them -- which argues that the Bible is the avenue to strengthening the Black family by restoring Black males to their "rightful place" at the head of the Black family. Black and other oppressed masses don't need a morality based on "males being the head of the family" and in that position dominating over women and children.

"Adam and Steve" and Archie Bunker

In reflecting on the proposed constitutional amendment in preparation for writing this article, I was reminded of a discussion with comrades and masses -- including Willie "Mobile" Shaw -- in Watts at the start of the Revolutionary Communist Tour. In batting around how we were going to take on religion on that tour, one comrade pointed out that there was a saying going around among the Black masses in particular that in the beginning god made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

The reality is that there is no god, and the "in the beginning story" in Genesis is a creation myth familiar to other creation myths that existed in patriarchal societies thousands of years ago. Those myths reflected the times, and times have dramatically changed. People are being told to follow norms in the Bible that reflected the culture of societies thousands of years ago. Who needs this "Dark Ages" mentality imposed on them now?

It has been productive to dig a bit into the origin of the "Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve" business. What has become clear since that discussion in Watts is that this "god made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve" line is reported to have originated with Archie Bunker, the backward and racist character in a 1970s TV sitcom. But in reality -- and not in 1970s television sitcoms -- the phrase "god made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve" appears to be a familiar statement in sermons delivered by some conservative Black ministers. Do we really want to be "modeling" and popularizing the ignorance and stupidity of a racist character in a 1970s sitcom? No we don't need that.

Black Clergy Who Would Ride with the KKK

In 2004 and again in 2006 conservative Black clergy have organized in support of a constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex marriage. For example, in 2004, Rev. Gregory Daniels, a Black minister in Chicago, made the blatantly outrageous and reactionary statement that "If the KKK opposes gay marriage, I would ride with them."

A very sharp and necessary question arises in relation to Daniels' statement: What is the KKK and what has been (and continues to be!) its social and historical role in US society? The KKK was formed in the South during and after Reconstruction and, from the beginning, its role has been to enforce the semi-feudal exploitation of Black people as peasants which existed in the South along with the white supremacist superstructure which was a reflection of the existing productive and social relations prevailing in South at the time and reinforced those relations. The KKK --both in and out of official police uniform -- enforced those relations through brutally lynching Black people and burning them at stakes and otherwise terrorizing them. The book Without Sanctuary, which contains many photographs that have been displayed in museums, depicts the savage and brutal lynching and burnings of Black people at stakes at the hands of members of the KKK and other reactionary whites. History records the brutal lynching of thousands upon thousands of Black people in this country, including the savage and brutal murder of Emmet Till for supposedly whistling at a white woman. And the KKK is not a thing of the past but continues to play a role, together with scores of other white reactionary groups, as the unofficial enforces of the oppression of Black people -- and other oppressed and progressive peoples -- and of white supremacy.

Statements like the one attributed to Rev. Daniels is indefensible and reactionary. Daniels is part of a growing schism within Black churches and among Black clergy -- a schism in which we find on the one hand a significant and growing number of Black ministers peddling this kind of reactionary nonsense among the Black masses in service, whether consciously or unconsciously, of a Christian fascist agenda and program. On the other side of the equation, we find a growing number of Black clergy who are speaking up and speaking out against those who would find common cause with a section of the rulers who have a dark and sinister program, which includes a genocidal element in the case of Blacks and others who refuse to go along with the program and "stay in their place."

Black ministers are being courted by Christian fascists, and a section of Black clergy have hitched their sails to the program and message of these Christian fascists. For example, Rev. Herbert Lusk -- former football player and pastor of the Greater Exodus Baptist Church in North Philadelphia -- was recently appointed to the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (PACHA). Lusk has no HIV-related experience, according to reports. Lusk distinguished himself through a statement that he made on Justice Sunday III at his church, which was organized by, among others, the Family Research Council and Focus on the Family: "I want to say, first of all, be careful how you fool with the church. You mess around with the church, something stirs up inside of me! You be careful because the church has surviving power. My friends, you know this and know this well. Don't fool with the church because the church has buried many a critic, and all the critics that we have not buried, we're making funeral arrangements for them!" Sounds like a statement made by someone about to launch a Christian Crusade. And Black ministers like Lusk are indeed on a crusade to contribute as much as possible to the establishment of a theocracy in this country.

"Male Role Model" Bullshit and Revolutionary Role Models

While listening to a radio program about bisexuality (on the "down low") among Blacks which was hosted by Michael Baisden -- who has a nationally syndicated radio program and who took a good stand on the immigration struggle -- it was apparent what the Bible says about homosexuality being "an abomination" is having a very negative and deadly impact among Blacks. As was pointed out by callers on that Michael Baisden show, given the social stigma associated with homosexuality and bisexuality among Blacks, backed up and bolstered by the Bible, Black men who are into the "down low" are hiding their sexual preferences in many cases from their spouses, and what is particularly significant is that the AIDS rate among Black women in particular is extremely high. As I listened to that radio show, I was filled with rage at what I was hearing about the tremendous harm that Bible was doing in this case: the Bible itself, especially as it is interpreted literally, is an "abomination" and a horror.

In reading statements in the newspaper and on the Internet by some of the fundamentalist Black clergy who are organizing against gay marriage, you will often hear arguments about how homosexuality is destroying the Black family and undermining Black manhood. These are arguments for male supremacy and for patriarchy. And they are hypocritical to boot. A pamphlet put out by the Revolutionary Communist Party cuts right to the core of the argument about the breakdown of the Black family: "One more 'theory' -- one more way of covering up for the system and blaming Black people for their own oppression -- that we will cut into right here is the claim that the real problem is the breakdown of the Black family and the lack of 'male role models' for Black male youth in particular... This 'theory' covers up the fact that the 'traditional family' is itself an institution of oppression. It is an expression of the fact that society is divided into masters and slaves, and that division into master and slave is built into the 'traditional family' itself, where the man is to be the master, lording it over his wife (and children)... Along with all this has gone the idea that A MAN IS STRONG while a woman is weak. This is bullshit. It comes from the enemy -- from those who run systems based on enslaving and exploiting. It should be put with the rest of the bullshit from systems like this... And we cannot let our enemy tell us what 'role models' we should follow. Youth of today, Black youth and youth in general, don't need male 'role models.' They need revolutionary 'role models' --women and men. ("Cold Truth, Liberating Truth: How the System has Always Oppressed Black People, and How All Oppression Can Finally Be Ended," online at

The woman question itself is an ace in the hole for our revolution -- both now and in the future socialist society where the woman question will be one of the "unresolved contradictions" driving forward the revolution.

Black Ministers Speaking Out Against Attacks On Gays

The New York Times reported in February 2004 that Genevieve Wood of the reactionary Family Research Council made an impassioned plea to Black evangelical ministers and lay people that they must speak out against advocates of gay marriage. In its coverage of the speaking event, the New York Times wrote: "'They are wrapping themselves in the flag of civil rights,' says Ms. Wood, who is white, as visitors from across the country shook their heads in dismay. 'I can make arguments against that. But not nearly like you all can.'" It is clear that the Christian fascists are doing everything that they can to woo Black ministers -- and through them the Black masses -- to the Christian fascist program in whole or in part. But this program is not in the interest of the masses of Black people in this country. This is not the polarization that revolutionary communists and radical and progressive people of all nationalities want and need; this polarization must be radically and dramatically recast in favor of revolution.

Black ministers who are not down with the Christian fascist program have been speaking out against attacks on gays and against a constitutional amendment in opposition to gay marriage. In fact there is a deep rift developing within Black churches and among Black clergy. For example, in an important summit last January, more than 200 ministers and gay right activists met in Atlanta at First Iconium Baptist Church in Atlanta. Keynote speeches were given by Rev. Al Sharpton and Bishop Yvette Flunder of the City of Refugees Church in San Francisco. This was a very important development which needs to be built on and spread widely. (See "Black Church Summit Takes Stand Against Anti-Gay Discrimination," Revolution #33, February 5, 2006, for coverage of this landmark summit in Atlanta.)

Sunday, June 11, 2006

As a matter of record...

Akil Bomani was, for a certain period time, part of the Revolutionary Commust Tour as a member of the Chicago Revolutionary Writer's and Artists Collective. However, after a certain point it became clear that Akil Bomani actually has very significant disagreements with the viewpoint and aims of the Tour and of the RCP, and since early October 2005, he has no longer been a part of the Tour and has had no political association with the Tour or with the RCP or Revolution newspaper, nor does the Tour or the RCP have anything to do with any artistic or other endeavors Akil Bomani may have undertaken.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Haditha Massacre Concentrates the Nature of the US War on Iraq

by Carl Dix

The foul massacre perpetrated by US Marines at Haditha must be condemned by everyone who opposes injustice. This incident concentrates everything that's wrong with the US war in Iraq,including the attempt to bury the murders with the lie that the victims of the massacre were killed by bombs exploded by Iraqi insurgents. (Do these lies remind anybody of Bush's claims of "Weapons of Mass Destruction" in Iraq?)

After a US soldier was killed in a bombing, Marines gunned down several men who were near a check point. They went into a house and killed an entire family. And then went into other houses. When the massacre was over, five hours later, 24 people -- men, women and children, ranging in age from two-years-old to grandparents had been killed, some of them execution style.

Despite government claims to the contrary, this was no isolated incident. Stories about other massacres committed by US troops are starting to come out. These atrocities reflect the nature of the war the US is waging. Remember how they began the war with massive bombing runs they called "Shock and Awe?" Remember the times that Iraqis were gunned down at US-manned check points? Remember the leveling of Falluja? Remember Abu Ghraib?

This is what an unjust war comes down to. An imperialist power wielding high tech weaponry to pound an oppressed country into submission. Occupying troops committing atrocity after atrocity against the people.

We've seen this before -- I know about this from the Vietnam war. I was in the US army back then, and they gave me orders to go to Vietnam. I decided I had to find out what I would be a part of if I went. I talked to everyone I could find who had done time in 'Nam. I already knew about the My Lai massacre where US troops destroyed a whole village -- killing hundreds of men, women and children and burning down the whole village. What I learned from talking to GI's was that the foul massacre at My Lai concentrated Standard Operating Procedure for US troops in Vietnam -- that it seemed like everyone over there was the enemy, so everyone was fair game to be killed or brutalized, including women, children and old people. All this is why I refused to go to Vietnam -- because I refused to be a part of the criminal war the US was waging in Vietnam.

I got sent to jail for two years for refusing to go to Vietnam, while the real criminals -- the officers who ordered the My Lai Massacre, the GI's who participated in it, to say nothing of the architects of the whole war -- basically went unpunished. But I have no regrets. The stand I took, to refuse to fight in an unjust war, was the right stand to take during the Vietnam War. And this experience was a big part of how I came to see that this system is rotten to the core -- and a big part of how I became a revolutionary communist.

The war the US is waging in Iraq is, like the war in Vietnam, a criminal war. No one should be a part of this kind of war. And people who oppose this war need to support the troops who refuse to fight in it.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Our Flag is Red, Not Red, White and Blue

On May First, over a million immigrants and their allies filled the streets of cities and towns from border to border and coast to coast. They brought a fresh and needed wind of struggle into society. Their outpourings were a challenge and inspiration to everyone. But many carried the flag of U.S. imperialism.

People need to understand what that flag really stands for. And that we have a different flag--the red flag--that represents the historic mission of those with nothing to lose, to lead a revolution and a revolutionary society that will abolish all oppression and exploitation.

What does the American Flag Stand For?
The American flag is the flag that brought Black people to this country in chains, buying and selling them as slaves. Many of those 13 stripes on the flag stand for slave states. And where did those stars come from? Many of them represent states stolen from Mexico in an unprovoked, unjust war of conquest to extend the U.S. empire, and within that the slave states in the South.

This is the flag carried into battle by the U.S. Cavalry as it carried out genocide against the Native Americans, murdering, burning and pillaging a bloody trail across the country. This is the flag that invaded and conquered Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines, killing hundreds of thousands in 1898. This is the flag that killed two million in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia with napalm, carpet bombing, death squads and village massacres. This is the flag that twice made war on the people of Iraq, invading and occupying, killing hundreds of thousands. This is the flag that threatens nuclear war against Iran.

The American flag is the flag that proclaims the right to go anywhere in the world and invade any country that it claims is a potential threat to the U.S. This is the flag that economically dominates and devastates vast areas of the globe, ruining the lives of billions. This is the flag that holds thousands of people in Guantánamo and secret prisons throughout the world, proclaiming the right to torture and jail them forever. And this is the flag over prisons that hold two million people, many of them Black and Latino, mostly for the crime of being hungry, poor, and desperate. This is the flag of U.S. imperialism and its global empire. Even the rights and freedoms this system brags about?to the extent they are anything but total lies?are built on the blood and bones of those they murder and work to death here and around the world to create the prosperity you see in la jaula de oro (the cage of gold).

Our Flag is Red
It was heartening to see red flags throughout the crowds in some of the May First protests. The people carrying them represent a whole different future. The red flag is the flag of the proletariat, the working class worldwide. It is the flag of the class that can only free itself by freeing all humanity.

The essence of what exists in the U.S. is not democracy but capitalism-imperialism and political structures to enforce that capitalism-imperialism.

What the U.S. spreads around the world is not democracy, but imperialism and political structures to enforce that imperialism.

Bob Avakian

Proclaim Our Vision, Celebrate Our Achievements, Intensify Our Struggle

May 1 is the revolutionary holiday. Red flags flying, we proclaim our vision:

A world free of the rule of capital; a world, instead, in which the needs and wants of the people--and NOT the never-ending search for ever more profit--determines what and how things get produced and distributed; a world where the planet is cherished, rather than plundered and even destroyed...

A world free of the social relations that divide people into exploiter and exploited, oppressor and oppressed... a world free of the prisons, the torturers and cops, and the armies that march over the planet to extend and enforce those social relations; a world, instead, in which people confront each other as freely interacting human beings...

A world free of the thinking that flows out of and reinforces the division into classes and the institutions of oppression--free of the fear and ignorance spread by religion; free of the bigotry that can imagine nothing higher than lording it over someone else; free of the constant me-first calculations imposed by daily life under capitalism... a world, instead, where people come together to confront and understand reality with open inquisitive minds, taking joy in the search for truth ...

A world free of the division between those who work with their minds and those who must work with their backs, free of borders, free of the domination of women by men ...a world, instead, where people come together cooperatively and voluntarily, working with both hand and mind, to transform the world. . . and to transform themselves in the process...

In short, a COMMUNIST world.

The Dream Can Be Realized
Humanity can do this. The class divisions and oppressive institutions and ideas that weigh on people today have NOT been here forever. Nor are they part of "human nature." They came into being at a certain point in history--and they can also go out of existence and be replaced with something far better.

For tens of thousands of years people lived in small, communal societies, unable to produce much beyond their immediate needs. But as people's knowledge developed over generations, it became possible to create a surplus over and above what was needed for survival. With that, the basis arose for one part of society to compel the majority to work for it, and to control the wealth they created. And that's what happened, in several different parts of the world--humanity divided into antagonistic classes: master and slave, exploiter and exploited.

The new ruling classes monopolized knowledge for themselves, and generated new oppressive institutions--from the subordination of women in the family, to the rise of armies and prisons, high priests and kings. And they generated new oppressive ideas to justify those institutions. Through all the history which followed--as capitalism replaced slavery and feudalism as the dominant mode of production, and as presidents and parliaments took command of the instruments of repression from kings and emperors--people have never stopped fighting to get free, and never stopped dreaming of a better world.

Today, we can do more than dream--and the freedom we dream of and fight for can be something very different, and on a far higher level, than even the loftiest aspirations of the past. Today?s forces of production--which include the technology and the knowledge that people have, and people themselves--could produce abundance for everyone. Moreover, these productive forces are, for the first time, highly socialized. That is, many people must work together to utilize and even create these means of production. But these productive forces, though now socialized, are still privately owned and dominated by capitalists, and this fetters, distorts and perverts their great potential.

Confronting these capitalists is the proletariat--the new exploited class whose members work together on the huge, globally integrated productive forces, but own nothing. Before the proletariat arose the oppressed classes of earlier times could fight heroically, but their victories ultimately resulted--and due to the relatively crude and small-scale nature of the productive forces, could only result--in new forms of exploitation. But the proletariat can only achieve its emancipation by seizing today?s highly socialized productive forces for all of society, and by leading society to put an end to all forms of exploitation and all forms of oppression and all the ideas that correspond to and reinforce them: a revolution to emancipate all of humanity.

May 1 is a day to renew and deepen and proclaim everywhere that vision--that this communist world IS the other world that is possible, the new world straining to be born within the death-agonies of the old, the red flower pushing up through the concrete.

Revolution--And A Radically Different State Power
To do all this requires a revolution, led by the proletariat and involving tens of millions of people, to establish socialism. That revolution would be a great and liberating leap in and of itself, and an opening of the pathway to full emancipation. And that revolution--and the whole historical epoch of transformation which it begins--in turn requires a Party, drawing in people from all parts of society who take up and dedicate themselves to the communist outlook and cause. The exploiters and oppressors of centuries must be overthrown: their instruments of dictatorship--their armies, their prisons, and so on--must be shattered, and their grip over the people broken. And all this must be led.

Surrounded by imperialist countries and contending with overthrown exploiters, dealing with the ?birthmarks? of the old society, the victorious proletariat will still need a state and instruments of suppression, or dictatorship. But this must be a state of a radically different kind--a state that serves the masses and suppresses the exploiters, one that fosters the elimination of exploitation and exploitative relations, and the elimination of all oppressive divisions, institutions and ideas, and NOT their fortification and extension. A state that meets the basic needs of the people for housing, healthcare, education etc, and doing this in a way that builds up the material and the social and ideological foundations for communism. A state that not only defends itself against attack, but also supports revolution all around the world, aiming for a global society of freely cooperating people. It must hold firmly onto power--and it must go as far as it can, at every point, to involve the broadest numbers of people in wrangling over and running things, as part of getting toward communist society, where neither state nor party will any longer be required. But until communism is reached, there must be a state: and this state must be the dictatorship of the proletariat. It means democracy for the masses on an unprecedented scale in conjunction with the suppression of exploiters, old and new.

On May 1, we celebrate our achievements in this world-historic struggle and especially the first great milestones on that path: the October Revolution of 1917, where the proletariat for the first time seized and held power for nearly 40 years in what became the Soviet Union; and the Chinese Revolution, and especially the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, in which the proletariat not only seized power but in which the masses themselves, led by Mao and revolutionaries within the Chinese Communist Party, later rose up to prevent the restoration of capitalism by new exploiters who arose within the communist party itself. Both of these revolutions emancipated people in a way never before seen in history, achieving incredible things; but both were eventually defeated by the still-remaining and formidable strength of imperialism.1 We draw inspiration from these revolutions, and we must learn all we can from their amazing achievements under severe fire; that isoverwhelmingly the main thing. At the same time, we must analyze their shortcomings and push further in our thinking, and in our practice.

Today Bob Avakian, Chairman of our Party, has re-envisioned communism and developed a "new synthesis"--that is, a new comprehensive and systematic understanding--of the experience of the whole first wave of proletarian revolutions and of Marxism itself. He's developed a model of socialism in which the proletariat both holds firmly onto power but also fosters and promotes dissent and critical thought and "struggle from below" as essential elements in the struggle to reach a communist society. The leadership of the new society would encourage and fight for a critical and scientific approach to understanding and getting at the truth--with plenty of room for awe and wonder and imagination. As part of that, this radical new kind of state would embrace scientists, intellectuals, and artists--they would do intellectual and artistic work, raising questions and searching for the truth, even as they were led to contribute to breaking down the barriers with other sections of society, especially the formerly exploited and oppressed.

The new society would forge a new morality, one that rejected the me-first dog-eat-dog ways of capitalism and instead cherished the lives of the people of the world and stood for equality between nations and peoples and between men and women. This new morality would value and encourage struggle against the oppressive relations that would still remain, not resignation and surrender to them. There is a complexity to Chairman Avakian?s thinking on this that we cannot do justice to in a short essay like this. But we can say that engaging deeply with Bob Avakian's thinking on all this is absolutely essential to getting to a better world, and his crucial, critical contributions are also something to celebrate on this day.

Two Worlds In Struggle
May 1 is, finally, a day to take the next steps in this monumental struggle. To make a revolution, you need millions of people who are willing to put everything on the line, a party with a correct strategy and deep ties among the masses, and a deep crisis in society itself. We don't have that situation now; but we do have the opportunity and the urgent necessity to do the political preparation that can hasten that time.

Things today are very sharply posed. You could almost see it as "two universes." Their universe poses a future--and a present--of greatly heightened worldwide exploitation and the destruction of whole peoples in the process; of imperialist war and occupation, with threats of even worse to come; of religious fundamentalism running amok all over the planet, including the real threat of a Christian Fascist theocracy within the U.S. itself, all serving to tighten the chains on women and to clamp the blinders of ignorance on everyone; of intensifying racist oppression, especially within the U.S., as shown by the government response to Katrina and the attacks on the immigrants; and of the destruction of the environment in a profit-driven frenzy to plunder the earth.

But there is another "universe," one made up of people whose most fundamental interests stand opposed to all this and many of whom already want something different, something better. People who are sick of the lies and brutality and suppression. Who can't stand the way that this society exploits and dogs and diminishes people, and who want to see--who yearn for--a society where people in their great masses could really flourish. Who have been shaken by the events of the past several years, and hunger for new directions and new thinking. Who are willing to dream of, and critically think about, what a different world might look like and how we might get there. People who say no and, in saying it, say yes very profoundly. People who resist. People who are ready to reach out to and challenge those still in the grip of the system?s madness, or locked in fatalism and paralysis, and win them over.

The stakes in all this are very high. There is the horror that "life as usual" under imperialism means for billions; and there is the intensified horror of all that wedded to a new Dark Ages, as the imperialists move to make radical changes in the ways in which they've carried out their domination. But as these imperialists move to radically restructure their rule, there is a real chance to wrench out a revolutionary opening for a different kind of radical change. But only if the people struggle, and only if they do so increasingly conscious of their own interests, reaching out ever more broadly and resisting the pull back to the confines of the system that got us in this situation in the first place.

* * *

It is fitting that May 1 takes place in the heart of spring, when the new and arising defies--and triumphs over--the dead hand of winter. So let us celebrate this occasion as we should--in the streets, banners high, proclaiming our vision, new life surging in our voices as we get the word out far and wide. There is a world to win!

1. Even though China still calls itself socialist, and even though the ruling party there still claims the name of "communist," they have since a coup in 1976 been a capitalist country with communist trappings. back to article

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Immigrants Are Our Sisters and Brothers, Not Our Enemy! Tear Down That Wall!


Revolution #044, April 23, 2006, posted at

Note: Revolution newspaper has received a large number of online comments in response to our coverage of the upsurge of the immigrant rights struggle. In this issue, Revolution is reprinting with permission one of the more substantial comments we received, and Joe Veale from the Revolutionary Communist Speaking Tour responds in the form of an open letter.

Comment from a reader:

I have always stood behind your motives and beliefs. The idea of your organization promoting undocumented and illegal immigrants from wherever makes me sick. I am now questioning your stance to AMERICA. They (illegals) eat up mine and your tax dollars. It is that simple. My woman is diabetic and works her ass off to supply herself with insulin. She can't get prescription coverage because the system is being milked by millions who use the loopholes, created by our government, I KNOW! Explain to me why you support this! I don't care if they are Dutch, latino, or Arab, they are not citizens, PERIOD. I do not like going to Miami and feeling like an outcast. People look at me funny when I can't speak spanish or haitian. You and I live in America, with the American flag, we speak English here. And once again, you support this?

I have attended your rallies, screaming at the top of my lungs to support legitimate causes, however, this motion does not do it for me. I have no clue where you all have gone blind. Maybe a little too liberal and "awww poor him". Wake up and explain to me how letting millions of illegals remain with a free pass is good for this nation. The lack of work force and the contributions they make does not make a sound rebutal for you. It is overused. You are supporting laws being broke. That simple.

Bush wants what you are supporting. Am I wrong? I am civil, I am not racist, I know right from wrong and this (in all legal sense) is wrong. It is against AMERICAN LAW!

Please write back and explain this position. I understand everyone has their own views. Your organization was going so great with me until this issue. Boggles my mind!

A Reader, Michigan
Response by Joe Veale, for the Revolutionary Communist Tour to the above comments

Well, what about the questions this letter raises? First of all, just because something is law does not mean it should be respected or abided by. Have you ever heard of the Dred Scott decision? That was a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in the 1850s upholding the Fugitive Slave Act that gave slave-catchers the right to kidnap Black people who had run away from slavery. The Dred Scott decision said a Black man had no right that a white man was bound to respect.

At one time in the South there were laws that said Black people could not drink out of the same water fountain as white people. Or that a Black person could not look a white person eye to eye when addressing them because it showed disrespect and insolence. It was called "reckless eyeball," and people were murdered straight out for these kinds of things.

What interest did those laws serve? Who benefited from them? The slave system. And the plantation sharecropping system and Jim Crow segregation that followed that.

At a certain point people said: fuck it! We are gonna defy and break these damn laws whether anybody likes it or not?because this shit is unjust, oppressive, and barbaric.

And when they did, a lot of people of all nationalities came to their side and supported them in that struggle.

Who was right? Those that upheld and enforced those laws and brutally punished people who defied them? Or the people who refused to go along, and others who supported them? Those laws were unjust and wrong, and people had to rise up against them in order to get rid of them.

There's Nothing Worth Respecting About This Border

That's why you cannot just look at the borders of the U.S. and simply say it is against the law and wrong to cross it. You have to ask how did that border get there? What interest does it serve? Who benefits from it? What program does it serve?

Let's talk about what is real. Here it is: This country and its border were established on genocide of native people, slavery of Africans, and the theft of half of Mexico in the war of 1846. There were no borders when humans first crossed from Asia to what's now known as the Americas. The Spanish conquerors landed in the 16th century and drew their borders as part of subjugating and murdering the people for the wealth. And the British colonists on the east coast of what's now the U.S. drew their borders as they almost wiped out the people who lived there before the colonists arrived.

In the 1840s the U.S. launched an unprovoked war of aggression against Mexico (which had outlawed slavery, in contrast to the U.S. where the slave system was in full effect in the South). Behind the war was the drive for more territory by both the Southern slave owners and the Northern capitalists. What do you think the Alamo and its "heroes" -- Davy Crockett, Samuel Houston, Jim Bowie, and Daniel Boone -- were about? Murder and thievery of Mexican land for the purpose of spreading slavery and capitalism to that part of the territory. Later, to consolidate this thievery they created the Texas Rangers. It's just that simple.

After the war the U.S. forced Mexico to sign the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo. In return for stealing huge amounts of Mexico territory (now the U.S. Southwest), the U.S. government promised land, language, and other rights to Mexicans living in this area now occupied by the U.S. But the U.S. broke the treaty as quickly as they had signed it.

There is not a goddamn thing worth respecting about these U.S.-created borders or the laws that enforced them. That's why we say: Tear down that wall!

The Border Is an Expression of an Oppressive Relationship

Let's step back and talk about what is going today. How this unjust, unequal, oppressive and exploitative relationship between the U.S. and Mexico plays itself out today.

For an example, look at Alicia and José Jiménez. They are busting their ass -- trying to feed themselves and raise their family in one of the rural areas of Mexico. What happens? Their situation, which was already desperate, becomes more desperate. This is because the relationship the U.S. has with Mexico is one of domination and exploitation. It's like having a relationship with the Godfather, Tony Soprano, or the "Goodfellas." In typical gangster fashion they make Mexico "an offer it can't refuse."

They flood Mexico with U.S. goods, and the millions of Alicias and Josés are driven to extreme poverty by this unequal competition. So they are forced to leave the land and go to the city in search of work. What happens here? Right at the border, just a few feet inside Mexico, the U.S. has set up factories called maquiladoras for the millions of Alicias and Josés who work under extremely brutal and dangerous conditions for one-tenth of the pay of workers just across the border.

The workers in those maquiladoras are slaving away in these U.S.-owned high-tech sweatshops making TVs and computer parts that people in the U.S. and other imperialist countries use -- and then they have to go home to shantytowns where they have no electricity and their children die of diseases like cholera because there is no sewage system or clean drinking water.

But even this pool of cheap labor doesn't satisfy the appetite of these bloodsuckers, who in recent years have closed down many of the maquiladoras, throwing hundreds of thousands out of work, and have moved a lot of their investment to Asia where they can pay even cheaper wages and exploit workers even more brutally. This is what U.S. imperialism means for people.

What would you do if you were in the situation of people like Alicia and José?

This is the relationship that U.S. imperialism forces on Mexico. This is what this imperialist system does around the world. It?s because of this system of imperialism that in the U.S. there are over one million millionaires, while about half the world population of 6 billion lives on $2 a day.

This is the real reason why immigrants are forced come to this country. Because as RCP Chairman Bob Avakian says, the U.S. has fucked up the rest of the world more than it has fucked up things here. And these ruthless fuckers at the head of this monstrous octopus with its tentacles all over the world sucking the blood of people make gangsters like the Godfather and others look like Bambi in comparison.

What happens when immigrants get here? Those that don't die in the desert or get shot by vigilantes on the border -- must elude and evade la migra (the immigration police). They are forced to work for extra cheap wages that the capitalists reap extra profits from. They are forced to live in the shadows -- fearing that they may be rounded up and deported back into even more horrible conditions of existence. They have no rights?and that is why they are forced to endure this shit, stay quiet and out of sight -- until now!

It reminds me of how Black people were kind of living in the shadows when it was against the law for them to look a white person in the eye for fear that they might be lynched.

Immigrants Are Not the Reason Your Wife Gets No Health Care!

You say undocumented immigrants are taking advantage of loopholes in the system to milk it for health resources that should go to people like your wife. This is simply not true. The health care system, like everything else under capitalism, is about maximizing profit. It is that which stands in the way of your wife's health care, NOT immigrants ? who often don't even use health care services for fear of being deported. And if the bill passed by the House becomes law, these immigrants would put in jail as felons.

To be frank, by blaming immigrants, you are being played for a sucker and a fool. They got you thinking that those who are victimized by the working of this system are your enemy and those who are doing this victimizing and plundering of the world are your friends.

It's Not "Our" Nation

Let me give another quick example. You talk about whether this is "good for this nation." A few years ago the right-wing fascist Pat Buchanan wrote a book entitled The Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization. In it he complained about U.S. society losing its national identity, its national cohesion -- the thing that has cemented the oppressive "social compact" of this society. Clearly he was talking about the white, Christian, English-speaking identity of the American nation. This is one of his worst nightmares, and he's not the only one. Others in the top echelons of the U.S. empire, including Bush, also have this nightmare. In the face of this massive upsurge amongst immigrants, they are scrambling and trying to come up with a plan to carry out the re-cohering of a new oppressive "social compact" without their whole system beginning to become unglued. This is especially the role of the chief executive "W" -- to keep his fascist core and program together, and lead them to implement their whole program without things flying apart. The logical conclusion of your argument will lead you right into the killing embrace of these fascists and imperialists.

As for the "good of the nation," that's the way the system wants you to see it. But nations are divided into classes, with different and fundamentally opposed interests. And this nation in particular is an imperialist, oppressor nation, and we oppose imperialism and don't give a damn about what is "good" for it. Here's how we see it: We are not Americans. We are proletarians. We are made up of all races. We are the class of people who can work only if it enriches the capitalist class. Under this system work plays "hide-and-seek" with many of us because the ruling class cannot make profits from our labor. Thus we are left to fend for ourselves, and many are driven into a situation where crime seems like the only option.

Our class is international, comprising billions throughout the world. Undocumented workers are part of our class. They are our brothers and sisters. We speak different languages and have different cultures, but we are all proletarians. Their blood is our blood. Their suffering is our suffering. We welcome them ALL with open arms. Our labor is at the foundation of this modern-day slave system and it creates tremendous wealth, which under this system goes into the hands of the capitalist class. We have a common interest: To rise up as proletarians, under our revolutionary leadership, the Revolutionary Communist Party and its Chairman Bob Avakian, and, when the conditions are right, to overthrow this system.

So let me put the challenge back to you -- what if the millions of people like yourself who have gone for the divisive stuff woke up and put it down? What could we -- the dispossessed of all nationalities -- accomplish then?

Another World Is Possible -- with State Power!

It is possible for every man, woman, and child on the planet earth to have the best that technology, science, and the knowledge of human beings have acquired over the centuries. It's possible to use all this to provide a better life for all the people of the world. It is possible for everyone to contribute what they can to better life for the people and in turn receive from society what they need to live as full human beings and contribute even more to society. There is no need for anyone to have to worry about or not to receive the health care they need. We can provide this for people. Cholera is preventable. Treatment for things like diabetes, Hepatitis C, HIV, kidney problems, and other chronic conditions could be free in a socialist system.

Everyone could have jobs, no one would have to live in ghettos or barrios. No one would have to worry about where their next meal is gonna come from, or if they will just be thrown out in their old age. We can create a world where the people hold all society's resources in common, and work, struggle, and decide how to make things better for the people.

A world without one group dominating another. A world without the brutalizing and murdering police. Or la migra. A world without borders. Without men dominating women. Without whites dominating people of other races. Without those who do intellectual work having domination over those who do manual work.

We can do all these things and have people's lives enriched through sports and art. We can take care of the environment -- be caretakers of the earth and hand it down to future generations in better condition than when we were here.

The only reason all this does not happen is because all the wealth, technology, science, and knowledge is controlled by a tiny handful of capitalist-imperialists, and they use it to make profits -- not to serve the people -- and they use it to keep us down here in this fucked-up situation.

This is why we need state power. Power in the hands of our class whose collective labor creates all this wealth and who is the only group in history whose most fundamental interest lies in making this kind of revolution -- and whose goal is not only putting all of society's resources in the hands of the people collectively, but leading them to become the decisionmakers and the emancipators of themselves and all humanity.

This is what we need to have our sights on. Chairman Avakian is the leader who can lead us to reach that goal. He is one of a kind. He deeply and scientifically understands revolution and the whole process. He has learned from the experience when our class held power before in the Soviet Union and China with Mao. He has learned from the great accomplishments of those revolutions but also from the shortcomings and errors that were made. He gives us the revolutionary and scientific approach to revolution so that we too can become leaders with him in this great cause.

You need to get with this leader. He has made great breakthroughs and discoveries in the cause of emancipating humanity, the cause of communist revolution. And like any great scientific discovery at first it illuminates the peaks and mountain tops, and then it illuminates the whole world.

Get with this party. Download the audio track "Why Do People Come Here From All Over the World?" by Bob Avakian (at or Get your hands on his DVD, REVOLUTION: Why It's Necessary, Why It's Possible, What It's All About. (

So, again, let me pose it back to you -- think where we could get if you could put this narrow, me -- first capitalist thinking down. And think where we'll end up if you, and millions like you, don't break with it.

Join us.

Joe Veale, for the Revolutionary Communist Tour

Monday, April 03, 2006

Immigrants Struggle: Big Changes and Big Lessons

(CNN photo via Google)

A Fresh and Powerful Spring Wind
Revolution #042, April 9, 2006, posted at

There is a fresh and powerful spring wind blowing across America! Thousands -- no, millions! -- have hit the streets, defiantly demanding justice for undocumented immigrants. This struggle should not only be supported, but pushed forward. And as we intensify this battle, we should keep in mind some of its key lessons so far.

1) The mass upsurge of the immigrants has changed the political landscape. It has inspired millions and opened the minds of tens of millions more. The politicians in Congress plan to drastically intensify the persecution and exploitation of the 10 to 20 million undocumented immigrants in this country. But instead of just shrugging their shoulders, the people have risen up in resistance, at great personal risk. This heroic spirit can be seen in the article about the student walkouts, and should be cherished and spread.

And there is a great lesson here for the tens of millions in this country who sit there angry but paralyzed as one basic right after another is taken away by the system, in particular by the Bush Regime that is now running things. Don't wait for elections -- break out of the framework NOW. Stand up and fight, no matter what the odds!

2) The bill now being supported by most Democrats and some Republicans, like McCain and Specter, is a trap. It does not satisfy people's most basic demands, and will actually put the masses of immigrant workers -- and immigrants more generally -- in a much more vulnerable position than they are now. (Go to to see more articles on the immigration bills.) The great mass upsurge must not be channeled into supporting this deceitful and destructive bill, but must persevere in insisting on full rights for undocumented immigrants, the halt to and reversal of the militarization of the border, and an immediate end to the persecution of immigrants.

3) The 10 to 20 million undocumented immigrants have been driven into this country by the heartless workings of capitalism and imperialism. Take Mexico, for example, where U.S. capital has transformed Mexican agriculture and driven 1.5 million farmers off the land since the 1994 NAFTA agreement. This same sort of thing has gone on all over the world, with over 200 million people driven out of the countrysides of the oppressed nations and forced to seek work in the cities of the imperialist countries of the U.S., Europe and Japan. Hundreds of people die crossing just the Mexico-U.S. border every year because of the desperation caused by imperialism. Imperialism drives people from their lands, persecutes and even murders them as they cross the border, and then super-exploits and demonizes them once they are in the imperialist countries. This system must go!

4) There is nothing at all worth respecting about the U.S.-Mexican border! It was created by an unprovoked U.S. war against Mexico in the 1840s, a war that was waged to rob huge amounts of land to extend the slave system (which had been outlawed in Mexico) and, more generally, to expand U.S. capitalism. Any concessions to this idea that "the border must be defended" denies this reality, and ends up playing by the enemy's rules.

5) The imperialist rulers are pushing these vicious "reforms" for two main inter-connected reasons. First, they are driven by worldwide dog-eat-dog competition to more systematically exploit and more viciously repress the tens of millions of immigrant workers within this country. Second, they are driven by the big social and economic changes in American society to hammer down a fascist social order. And to do that they aim to reinforce in the minds of tens of millions of middle-class and working-class people the idea that America should be a white, Christian, highly militarized country -- and that this will somehow deal with the insecurity, desperation and despair in their lives. And there is a particular effort directed at Black people: to mislead the Black masses into blaming their terrible and oppressive conditions, which have been caused and enforced by imperialism, on people with whom they share a similar situation of being oppressed nationalities within America and of being overwhelmingly proletarian.

But there is every basis to step to tens of millions of people with the "real deal" -- to show them where their real interests lie, which is in fighting against the very system that so badly oppresses them and then tries to mislead them as to the source of that oppression. By continuing militant and united action, and by bringing out the real truth in thousands of ways as we do so, we can change the political "polarization" into one much more favorable to the people.

6) This whole situation -- the tens of millions of people driven off their lands into a life of desperately seeking work, even at the risk of death; the ways in which the fears of millions of native-born people are being manipulated; the divisions that are fanned and enforced between nationalities, even among oppressed nationalities -- all these are products of capitalism. But even more importantly, all this can be overcome by a socialist revolution. Such a revolution must be led by the proletariat -- the class of people who own only their ability to work and have nothing to lose but their chains -- and must result in a whole new state power that builds on the achievements of past proletarian revolutions, and goes further, unleashing a vibrant and lively socialist society. The undocumented workers who are now being demonized in the media and by the politicians are a potentially important part of the class that can carry out this revolution, institute this new state power, and bring about a far better future.

This state power in turn must and will serve new social and economic relations aimed at getting rid of exploitation and all the oppressive institutions and ideas that fortify exploitation, and eventually getting to communism -- a world without classes, without oppression and, yes, without borders. There is a party and a leader that can lead this revolution in this country -- the Revolutionary Communist Party and its Chairman, Bob Avakian. The excerpt from the Draft Programme of the RCP, USA shows how the proletariat in power could take immediate steps to change all this. This can really happen, and must be fought for -- and the struggles of today must be diverted and directed into preparing for such a struggle.


from the Draft Programme of the RCP,USA
Socialism Will Abolish Discrimination Against Immigrants

The following excerpt from the Draft Programme of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, gives a vision of how the situation of immigrants will be radically transformed under socialism, the rule of the proletariat:

* * *
Great numbers of immigrants have come to the U.S. from Mexico, Latin America, Asia/Pacific Islands, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and other parts of the world, including many from countries oppressed and plundered by U.S. imperialism. The bourgeoisie considers many of these immigrants - some of whom have a bitter hatred towards a system that has raped their countries - a potential source of instability and upheaval inside the U.S. The proletariat for its part welcomes these immigrants, who strengthen the internationalist character of the revolution here.

Millions of undocumented immigrants live in the shadows of U.S. society without the most basic rights, constantly facing arrest, deportation, and sudden separation from their families. Each year hundreds perish trying to cross the U.S.-Mexican border. Entire groups of immigrants, such as Arabs, are scapegoated and demonized, and non-European immigrants generally are targets of racism.

The proletariat in power will abolish all forms of discrimination against immigrants in jobs, housing, health care, education, etc. No human being will be treated as "illegal," ending the labels used by the imperialists to degrade people and keep them in super-exploited conditions. The apparatus that terrorized immigrants -- la Migra, the police, military border patrols, and paramilitary vigilantes -- will be smashed.

The proletarian state will apply to immigrants its overall orientation and policies for achieving real equality, including equality of languages and cultures, and it will encourage and cherish the full participation of immigrants in all aspects of building the new socialist society.

(The Draft Programme of the RCP,USA can be read and downloaded online at

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Representin' at March 18, 2006 DC March Against the Iraq War

Photo by:

An Urgent Appeal: Funds needed to open a RC Speaking Tour Office in the Anascostia section of southeast Washington, D.C.; and to fight the arrests of Joe Veale, one of the Revolutionary Communist Tour speakers, and A.T., of the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade.

Leading up to the Feb. 4 protest at the White House to demand that "BUSH STEP DOWN", Joe and A.T. were maced, pepper-sprayed, roughed up and arrested while leafleting in a poor, oppressed Prince Georges County, Maryland neighborhood. Thousands of dollars are needed now to fight these arrests.

You can donate online at the RC Tour webpage. Go to: - click on "Call for the Tour" at the top and then scroll down to "Make a Donation."

Monday, March 20, 2006

March 14th Katrina March and Rally Against Evictions and for Justice in Washington, DC!

A March for Justice:
For more photos, go to Isis's Imagery at http:/ Report by RC Tour speaker Joe Veale follows below.

This was a march on March 14, 2006 to demand housing for victims of Hurricane Katrina and a moratorium on evictions.
Photo from Rev. Lennox Yearwood flanked by Bilial Moron from New Orleans (right), and Dr. Rashad Zayban from Iraq (left)

Report by Joe Veale on the March 14, 2006 March and Rally: "Katrina: Never Forgive, Never Forget"

Tuesday, March 14, was a very cold and windy day in D.C. But the weather could not stop the determination of hundreds of people who came out to protest, march and rally in support of those who the government abandoned, evacuated, and dispersed across the country, separating people from their families in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The marchers went from the Capitol to the White House demanding that the government immediately stop its evictions of those who have been displaced from their homes in New Orleans.

The marchers demanded: "viable, affordable and immediately accessible housing for all those who were evacuated; protection of the right to vote for those who have been displaced to places like California, NY, Pennsylvania and D.C.; Congressional passage of H.R. 4197, The Hurricane Recovery, Reclamation, Restoration, Reconstruction and Reunion Act".

In a press release Rev. Lennox Yearwood of the Hip Hop Caucus who spearheaded the protest said: "...We have waited too long for FEMA, for the President and for Congress to act. We need to take to the streets, to show with our feet, our bodies and our voices that collectively we demand justice for all Katrina survivors now -- not months from now."

The march was led by drummers, followed by 25 to 30 people from New Orleans. Hundreds of others desired to come but could not get buses to bring them from the different states they have been evacuated to.

There were college students from the University of Maryland. Students from Prince George community college. High school students from Maryland as well as students from Las Vegas. Revolutionary communists. SEIU union workers. Laborers from Virginia. DC activists. Clergy. World Can't Wait. NOI and other Muslims. National Organization for Women. One group was asking people: "if you ruled the world how would things be different?" The NAACP and ANSWER also participated in the march and rally.

Speakers at the rally were: Rev. Yearwood for the Hip Hop Caucus; Travis Morales of World Can't Wait -- Drive Out The Bush Regime; Congresswoman Maxine Waters; the Nation of Islam; NOW; a representative of United For Peace and Justice; Katrina Survivors and many others. The march and rally lasted from 2 p.m. to midnight with different kinds of activities.

When the march reached the FEMA building, it stopped. Rev. Yearwood told a very moving and heart-wrenching story -- of a young teen age mother who had been driven to despair after being basically left to die by the government -- she ended up committing suicide to escape this horror. He talked about how the government knew a natural disaster was unfolding and did nothing.

One woman said her relative died of a heart attack because of the conditions in the wake of Katrina. She said she still does not know where four of her family members are -- whether they are dead or alive. One young man talked about the mental pain, the anguish of getting up each day and not knowing what was going to happen to him, whether he would have a place to lay his head or whether he would be on the streets with nothing and nowhere to go.


There are many theories out there about who and what is responsible for all the suffering caused by Katrina, and why Bush did what he did (and didn't do what he didn't do). But to get to the bottom of all this, people need to understand some cold but liberating truth: The neglect, abandonment, abuse, and brutality of Black people after Hurricane Katrina was a crime of the capitalist system.

This crime is connected to a whole legacy of slavery and oppression of Black people down to today. It hooks up with the fact that this system has always treated Black people as exploitable, expendable, and undesirable.

The government knew for years what would happen if a huge hurricane hit New Orleans. Hundreds of scientific reports predicted that the Black neighborhood of the 9th Ward, and the mainly working class neighborhood of St. Bernard, would be flushed away and the industrial districts and wealthy neighborhoods would survive. The way the levees were built made this all but inevitable. But Congress slashed funds for the levees and Bush cut those funds more. It was known for days, as Rev. Yearwood says, that Hurricane Katrina was coming, but the authorities failed to evacuate the city. Then after the storm hit on August 29, they abandoned the poorest sections of New Orleans, with the highest population of Black people. They left those most vulnerable to face the storms and flooding with no help of any kind. Bush refused to interrupt his vacation and allowed people to suffer and die for days. Over 1,000 died and hundreds of thousands suffered and are still suffering -- unnecessarily.

Whether by negligence or design or a combination of both, this was MASS MURDER carried out by the authorities, beginning with Bush. THE BUSH REGIME MUST BE MADE TO POLITICALLY PAY FOR THIS CRIME!

Bush and the crew are not ordinary Christians. They are Christian fascists and nazis. What they did in the wake of Hurricane Katrina powerfully indicates that genocide is part of the program they have for all (not just Blacks) those whom they consider undesirable, punishment based on a literal interpretation of the Bible "to get America back into the good graces of god."

The mood of those in the march was one of anger, outrage, and defiance. Many felt that the evictions were adding insult to injury. A Party supporter who attended the march described the conditions that the masses from New Orleans continue to face as a mugging that never stops. Never stops degrading you. Never stops de-humanizing you. An endless horror.

A college student from Morehouse said this is a "crime" that this is still going on. When is it going to stop?

A Black woman who works to build unity between Native Americans and Blacks said: "I never thought I would see ethnic cleansing in America... but here it is in front of our eyes." In anger, others compared the forceful removal of poor Blacks and others in New Orleans with what is happening in D.C., where there is a growing trend of the working poor being forced out of the city because of the high cost of living in D.C.

The march received a lot of support from tourists and others along the route, with some of them joining in.

One of the high points of the rally was when Rev. Yearwood, Bilial Moron from New Orleans, and Dr. Rashad Zayban from Iraq were on stage together holding hands. In an interview, Rev. Yearwood told me that Dr. Zayban had sold her practice in Iraq to help people in Iraq who have been evicted by U.S. bombs and military occupation. She came in support of Black people displaced from New Orleans. Rev. Yearwood said that they wanted to draw the parallels between people who have been displaced and evacuated in New Orleans with those who have been displaced and evacuated in Iraq. Because, he said, we are not just victims of Katrina we are also victims of Bush.

Some of our party organizers in attendance were wearing t-shirts which said: WANTED FOR MASS MURDER ? THE BUSH REGIME. These t-shirts have the pictures and profiles of Bush, Cheney, Chertoff (the head of Homeland Security) and Condoleezza Rice on them. Many youth told us they loved this t-shirt and wanted to know where they could get them. Revolutionary literature circulated among the crowd: The Revolution newspaper, the Chairman's pocket-size statement on the death of comrade Mobile and the DVD sampler of the film of his talk: Revolution: Why it's necessary, Why it's possible, What it's all about.

Masses of Blacks and others are still suffering. 10,000 families in Louisiana and Mississippi face evictions from hotels on March 15. Over 15,000 families across the United States have already received eviction notices, subjecting approximately 40,000 individuals to the prospect of homelessness. Currently, more than 300,000 survivors are dispersed in 44 states.

People are living in temporary housing, doubling up with other families, living in garages, out of cars, in tent or trailer "cities." Tens of thousands of people are on waiting lists for trailers. In New Orleans many areas still don't have electricity. Even some of the FEMA trailers don't have power. At the beginning of December, only 10% of public buses were in operation and only ONE out of 116 public schools was open. And now it has come to light that it will be official policy to withhold rebuilding funds from the Black 9th Ward.



also posted on Revolution #040, March 26, 2006, at

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Free the DC 2!

Photo: Bladensburg High School where the arrests took place.

On February 3 three of us traveled to Bladensburg High School in Maryland to pass out the World Can't Wait leaflet calling for a protest the next day at the White House demanding BUSH STEP DOWN and take your program with you.

As school let out we said: "Leaving thousands of people to die in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina -- are you with that shit or against that shit -- waging war based on lies, killing over one hundred thousand Iraqis -- are you with that shit or against that shit -- Bush Step Down."

We asked the students: What kind of future did you want? We told them people in New Orleans, in Iraq, Guatánamo Bay -- are counting on you.

Students were grabbing up our leaflets and stickers and passing them out to each other.

One Black parent stopped her car in the middle of the street and listened and watched what we were doing. She shouted out: "This is really good!" Many other parents took leaflets.

A school administrator told us he supported what we were doing. We challenged him to organize his colleagues and come out and stand up with us on February 4.

After only about 10 or 15 minutes of doing this a school police rolls up on us.

He yells: "You cannot do that here!" When I explain that what we are doing is not against the law he yells: "You cannot do that in Bladensburg!"

After stopping only long enough to laugh at this modern-day George Wallace, we continued leafletting. (George Wallace was the white supremacist governor of Alabama in the early '60s who stood in front of a school with the police to prevent Black students from coming in to integrate the school and said: "This is not the United States, this is Mississippi!")

Suddenly some Bladensburg police cars roll up. The cops jump out and confront us. One of them says: "No ifs, ands, or buts about it. They pass out another leaflet, cuff them!"

We pass out more leaflets. Two pigs rush me. They lift and slam me onto the patrol car. Two others rush A.T. (A.T. is a member of the L.A. Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade.)

They singled out the two Black people in the group of us leafletting. One pig had his fist balled up as he beat on A.T. Immediately they came out with pepper spray. Burning, blinding, and choking us with this shit. During this time, students were grabbing leaflets off the ground and from the hood of the police car. The police got into a confrontation with the students and threatened to arrest those who were taking the leaflets.

They charged us with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. They added a battery charge on A.T. Our lawyer comes to the jail but they refuse to let him see us. They refused to accept 10 percent of the bail, so we had to come up with the full amount. It took us a little while to get over all the obstacles they were putting up and when we finally raised the money through donations and got out--the protest at the White House was over.

Why did they come down so heavy-handed -- the real way they rule -- for passing out leaflets? What are they afraid of?

It was clear to me that they wanted these students to stay in their "place." They feared these Black and Latino students busting out of their "place," standing up and taking responsibility for changing the direction of society. They feared these students acting on the call from World Can't Wait with people of other races and from other parts of society -- bringing their experience and insights into this movmement to force: BUSH TO STEP DOWN AND TAKE HIS WHOLE PROGRAM WITH HIM.


by: Joe Veale, DC REVOLUTION correspondent,Revolutionary Communist Tour


An urgent appeal: Funds needed to fight the arrests of Joe Veale, one of the Revolutionary Communist Tour speakers, and A.T., of the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade.

Leading up to the Feb. 4 protest at the White House to demand that "BUSH STEP DOWN", Joe and A.T. were maced, pepper-sprayed, roughed up and arrested while leafleting in a poor, oppressed Prince Georges County, Maryland neighborhood. Thousands of dollars are needed now to fight these arrests. You can donate online at the RC Tour webpage. Go to: - click on "Call for the Tour" at the top and then scroll down to "Make a Donation."

Or send your donation to:

The Revolutionary Communist Speaking Tour
P.O. Box 941 Knickerbocker Station
New York, NY 10002-0900